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pink lace agate crystal slab

Pink Lace Agate Slab 1

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Pink Lace Agate slab. Pink Crazy Lace is known as the 'laughing stone' or the 'happy stone' and it brings...well...happiness and laughter. It also is a strong protection stone able to ward off the evil eye, negative spirits and even accidents. It is a healing stone that works from the outside to shield you from negative influences.

This is a beautiful and interesting slab with exposed druzy pockets. It has polished surface with raw edges. Use as a display piece, candle holder, or place crystals and jewellery on it. Stunning.

Chakra: Third Eye

Approx. Size: 12.5cm H x 9cm W x 1cm thick

Sold individually. This is a natural product and will have variances in pattern, shape, size.