Amethyst Cluster 2 – Someday Dream Co.
standing amethyst cut base
amethyst crystal cluster
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Amethyst Cluster 2

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Stunning Amethyst cluster.  Amethyst is a  great stone for protection, helping to block negative energies and environments and bring a sense of peace and tranquility.  It is also a mood stabiliser, balancing mood swings, anxiety and anger.

This piece has a small Calcite inclusion. Calcite assists in cleansing the auric field and  chakras. It is a stone of new beginnings. When partnered with Amethyst, it can help to guide you to finding answers.

This piece is a cut base which makes it great for home decor and easy display.

Chakra: Crown

Approx. Size: 17cm H x 8cm W x 8cm D

Weight: 1.3kg

Extra grade. Sold individually.