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Amethyst stalactite slice crystal

Amethyst Stalactite 6

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Amethyst stalactite slice from Uruguay 6. They are also known as Amethyst flowers. Amethyst Stalactites are a crystal for creativity, happiness, love, and healing. The Amethyst Stalactite promotes feelings of love and personal connection. It is also a balancing and clearing crystal and as it is formed in a point, it is said to transmit energy from lower to higher frequencies. 

Amethyst stalactites are rare and the best quality comes from Uruguay. They are believe to have been formed 130 million years ago.  Each stalactite is formed through droplets of calcite. Amethyst seeds on the calcite formation. A real slice of history. 

Great for those with insomnia!

Chakra: Crown.

Sold individually.